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Konsulent på Midt-og Vestsjælland


Both positions are based at our office in Roskilde, where you will join our Legal & Compliance team, which provides legal advice and guidance to bec while ensuring bec's adherence to regulatory requirements, as well as identifying and reducing risk.

We are a team of 18 overall including a newly established regulatory compliance team that we are looking to expand further. In the years to come we are investing in developing the regulatory compliance function in bec.

We are searching for additional 2 persons with different level of experience who will participate in the establishment and the subsequent daily operation of our regulatory compliance function that will be manned by three dedicated team members.

The function and position is new in bec and thus, you will have a unique chance to be a part of an exciting development task i.e. shaping new ways of working.

We know our compliance purpose – to support that bec is compliant with regulatory requirements, but we also understand that we exist to support that bec can do business effectively and sustainably.

At bec, we work in a hybrid remote model, coming into the office 3 days a week and with an option to work remotely for 2 days a week.

Primary task and responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the development of the new regulatory compliance function